Near A River

Written with uplifting words of encouragement, Near a River is a photographic children’s book about two young bald eagles who work together to learn to soar above the storms of life. Young readers will surely find that Near a River will have a special place in their hearts forever.

Near a River is now available to purchase on Amazon as well as at Barnes & Noble. The book is offered in Kindle edition, Nook book, hardcover, and paperback.

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Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s Leaders!

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About the Author

Bobbie J Rae, or BJ for short, currently lives in a rural town in the United States with her husband, and they have four grown children. She loves nature, computers, animals, traveling, art, children, reading, and God. When she isn’t writing children’s books, she enjoys practicing her photography skills. BJ started writing children’s books because she knows that all it takes to hook a child on reading is one book. Just one book read as a child can find a special place in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Along with writing children’s books, BJ also writes articles of hope and encouragement for those who seek hope in hard times. Some of her topics include “Be Successful,” Parenting”, “Overcoming Depression,” and more. To see a list of all of BJ’s topics, click on the “Articles by” menu item. Once you see a topic you like, click on the topic you wish to explore.

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