When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

How to Survive No Matter What

Faith, love, and hope enable you to survive no matter what.

Encouraging you to survive no matter what on near a river.
Encouragement to survive no matter what on near a river.

I am a survivor.

I survived growing up in a very dysfunctional home, then severe abuse by my now ex-husband that almost cost me my life many times. I have had multiple surgeries for the bones my husband broke (my nose, my chin, and others), but I am here and alive and grateful to be alive. I have survived severe financial hardships also.

How did I survive?

My grandmother taught me when I was very young to always have FAITH, hope, and love. She ingrained into my brain and heart and soul that as long as I have these things I will prevail. She was right.

You can survive too!

When you think you cannot go on, if you have love in your heart you will think of someone else and find a way to help that person. The love that my Grandmother instilled in my tiny heart when I was very young has enabled me to do many kind things for my Mother and find ways to show her God’s grace and love even when she was unkind to me.

Showing others love every chance I get has been a key to my survival. Many days I feel depressed when someone or something I see reminds me of my ex-husband’s abuse. Then I think of someone who might need some help and find a way to show that person love.

I try to show at least three people a day God’s love in this way. Friends, neighbors, and any acquaintances I happen to encounter–I try to show love to everyone around me. Loving others makes a big difference to others and it improves my outlook on life. It enables me to feel better about who I am and what I believe in spite of my depression and PTSD.

Faith, hope, and love have carried me through the most difficult times in my life.

God has been with me every step of the way.

Now God has enabled me to write my first children’s book, Near a River, about young bald eagles learning to fly.  I have never given up on God and he has not given up on me. Now he has led me to become the children’s author I have always dreamed of becoming.

You can survive anything if you have faith, hope, and love. You can survive the most difficult financial times, too. (You have to not be afraid or too shy or proud to ask for help when you need it.)

Faith keeps you looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past. Hope keeps you looking for ways to improve your life. And love keeps you focused on other people, not your own problems.


Faith, hope, and love have enabled me to survive the hardest of times. They can also enable you to survive no matter what trials you are going through.

May you always soar like an eagle above the storms in your life.

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So glad Mom told you she loved you. You are truly a Survivor and an inspiration to many people keep up the good work I know you will


1 Corinthians 13:13


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