When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown


Where can I shop for Near a River?

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Written with uplifting words of encouragement, Near a River is a photographic children’s book about two young bald eagles who work together to learn to soar above the storms of life. Young readers will surely find that Near a River will have a special place in their hearts forever.

The crisp, clear, and rare pictures of young eagles learning to fly in the new September 21, 2017 edition  will surely enchant everyone, adults and children alike!

Near a River encourages children to love reading and nature, and also to look to their parents for guidance.  And, to perservere.

Shop for “Near a River” on Amazon as well as at Barnes & Noble.  The book is offered in Kindle edition, Nook book, hardcover, and paperback. Shop now!

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You can also buy the book in an ebook format or a pdf format.

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