When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

Proud To Be a Woman!

Encouraging you to be proud to be a woman on near a river.

I am a woman and proud of that!

If you are a woman, do you feel proud?  I do!

Whatever you give a woman, she takes and makes much better.

  • If you give a woman sperm, she turns your sperm into a baby.

When I was a teenager, a man raped me and gave me sperm, and God made a baby inside me.  Standing up to my parents, I refused to have the abortion they wanted me to have.  With tears in my eyes and a broken heart, I gave my son up for adoption to give both him and his adoptive parents the best possible life.

  • Buy a woman groceries, and she turn them into delicious foods.

My husband provides for our needs.  He buys groceries.  With the groceries he buys, I cook homemade breads and jams, as well as other foods and incredible meals.

  • Give a woman a house, and she turns it into a home.

My husband gave me a house.  After decorating it, now I care for it every day. I keep it clean and enjoy it very much.  I make music in it on the piano.  The house he gave me is now our home.

  • A woman uses what you give her to encourage others!

My husband gave me a camera.  A kind friend taught me to use it and helped me take pictures.

God gave me a brain and the ability to write.

Those pictures and my writing became a children’s book that encourages children to love reading and nature.

  • And she multiplies the love you give her and shares it with others…

My Grandma loved me as my husband now does, and I share love with everyone I meet.  I help others and do anything I can to make someone else’s day, even if I do not know the person.  My Grandma and husband have given me much love, and continually I multiply their love and share it with others.


A woman multiplies whatever you give her as many times as she can. So if you give a woman crap, be ready to get tons of the same right back! But if you give her love, she will show you what heaven is like!

A woman’s ability to multiply the gifts she receives can change the world!  Whether you are male or female, never forget this fact!

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms!  Celebrate the women in your life and celebrate being a woman!

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