When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

Achieve Financial Success

Encouraging you to achieve financial success on near a river.

You can achieve financial success!

Did you know you can achieve financial success your current income?  You can!

The path to financial success does not begin with radical change. It begins by asking a lot of questions. It is actually quite possible to achieve financial success without extreme frugality. And without a lot of wealth already in the bank or without a huge salary.

It is simple! Just use these easy strategies to walk down the path of financial success.

Practice effective frugality.

Be frugal only in the areas you do not care much about. Then use the money you save for something positive, like paying off debt.

By frugality, I do not mean deprivation in the areas your family cares about. Instead, simply cut away the things you barely notice. Then use the money you save for something financially positive. For example, air seal your home to decrease winter heating bills. Buy store brands. Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it. Negotiate a better insurance package.

Learn to cook well enough that your family enjoys eating at home.

Eating out is costly. Each time you eat out, the cost adds up.

Take a cooking class. Invest in kitchen equipment to enable you to cook good meals at home. Do not waste food. Many households buy food, let it sit around until it spoils, and throw it away.

Every morning, look in the fridge to find leftovers you can eat today instead of cooking a meal. At the beginning of each week, plan your meals. When planning meals look in the freezer and the cabinets. Use what you find as the basis for meal planning.

Scale back on treats until they become treats again.

Make a list of the things that happen each day in your house. Then make a list of those that are treats.

Make your normal household routines as inexpensive as possible. Then spice it with treats at intervals so they really feel like treats. You will spend less money. Your treats will be more pleasurable than before.

When you need to spend money, plan.

Do not allow yourself to be tempted shop impulsively.

When you shop for food, make a meal plan first. Then make a shopping list. Practice this every time you shop for anything.

If you are going out with friends for an evening, think ahead. Take only enough cash for a reasonable evening. Do not take your credit cards. Credit cards open the door to impulse spending and bigger bills.

Spend your hobby time doing things instead of accumulating.

Do not spend your hobby time shopping. Schedule time to practice your hobby. Put this time in your calendar first, before other appointments, and keep that time sacred.

If reading is your hobby, spend your time reading books instead of collecting them. If tabletop games are your hobby, play board games instead.

Being successful in life includes being successful financially. I know you have financial success.

Soar like an eagle over the storms in your life. Use good judgment in your financial life.

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