When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

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Articles in the Happy Holidays  category help all readers have happy holidays.  Topics range from how to save money while shopping to holiday depression to information about the holidays themselves and more.

Its ultimate purpose is to enable all readers to soar like eagles above life’s storms during the holiday season. Bobbie J Rae’s vision brings you a successful and positive outlook on life all year long, especially during the holidays.

BJ wishes that every reader has Happy Holidays!

Written with uplifting words of encouragement, Near a River is a photographic children’s book about two young bald eagles who are eager for their mother to teach them to fly so they may soar over the storms in their lives. Near a River encourages early childhood reading. BJ hopes that every child becomes a strong reader and soars above the storms in life.

 Enjoy BJ’s encouraging words on Near a River!

BJ’s children’s common core eagle reading book Near a River is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Buy BJ’s   encouraging eagle reading book for a child you care about today!

Encouraging you to give yourself the gift of Serenity on Near a River.

Happy New Year 2018!  Here is a Serenity Prayer for everyone for every day of the New Year! God, grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change, The motivation to change the things I can, And the Read more…

Encouraging you to enjoy party games on Near a River.

Have fun at your next party or gathering with these games. Looking for something different to do the next time you gather with loved ones?  Consider these games, which were popular with Victorian England’s upper class. Shadows (or Shadow Buff) Read more…

Encouraging you to celebrate someone you love on Near a River.

Miss someone you love today?  I know how you feel… Do you feel broken-hearted during the holiday season?  Do you miss someone you love? There is another way to think about this situation instead of crying about it and feeling Read more…

Encouraging you to have a Merry Christmas on www.nearariver.com.

I sincerely hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas! Now I know I will not have everything I want for Christmas, but I am thankful for what I have anyway.  My Christmas will be a Merry Christmas regardless! I only Read more…

encouraging you to find great holiday gifts on www.nearariver.com.

Still need to buy holiday gifts?   Do you still need to buy holiday gifts for an adult who is hard to shop for?  If so, keep reading. An amusing book For someone who has health issues, there is a satirical Read more…

Encouraging readers to buy gifts that improve others' future on Near a River.

Use Christmas as an opportunity to improve your loved one’s future! The best gifts improve your loved one’s future.  With this thought in mind, what can you give your loved ones?  Here are a few ideas. Genetic testing Most people Read more…

Encouraging you to do your online holiday shopping safely on Near a River.

Make Christmas shopping a bit easier! The past year has flown by so fast–I find it hard to believe that it is already time for Christmas shopping. Here are some more strategies for saving money and shopping online safely. Shopping Read more…

Encouraging you to prevent your own Gremlins bulb blooper on Near a River.

Hopefully you will never have a bulb blooper experience! If you are familiar with Steven Spielberg’s 1984  Christmas movie Gremlins, you will understand this post.  In this movie, a kind waitress walked a man who had been drinking home from Read more…

Encouraging you to be aware of holiday scammers on Near a River.

Watch out for scammers this season! Families, retailers, and consumers are not the only ones getting ready this holiday season.  Scammers are also working to maximize their profits.  Watch out for your money by avoiding these five seasonal scams that Read more…

Encouraging you to be a Secret Santa on Near a River.

How one Secret Santa inspired many others to “pay it forward”. During the winter of 1971, young Larry Stewart from Mississippi was at the end of his rope.  The college dropout was out of both work and money.  He’d been Read more…

"Each reader's heart is like an eagle's and can soar above the storms in life..." - Near a River's Author, BJ Rae.

Written with uplifting words of encouragement, Near a River is a photographic children's book about two young bald eagles who are eager for their mother to teach them to fly so they may soar over the storms in their lives. Near a River encourages early childhood reading. BJ hopes that every child becomes a strong reader and soars above the storms in life.

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