When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

Doing Your Best Does Pay Off!

Encouragement to always believe that your best will pay off on Near a River.

You never know when doing your best will pay off!

Our home has not been cleaned since my right foot started bothering me a great deal, about a month ago. Since Christmas is on Monday, I decided to start cleaning in spite of my foot pain.  Unfortunately, my foot issue forced me to spread out the work of cleaning just the upstairs into two days.

So this morning I was cleaning the upstairs. Determined to do the best cleaning job I have ever done in spite of my foot pain, I was on my hands and knees making sure that every dust bunny under every piece of furniture had disappeared and cleaning under the heating vents by hand.  Then I saw a small shiny object tucked up under the heating vent.  I reached up and pulled it out.  You would never imagine what that shiny object turned out to be!

You never know when doing your best will pay off on Near a River!
Picture of the 1/3 karat white gold stud earring found under a heating vent in BJ’s home while she was cleaning on Near a River.

The white gold stud and 1/3 karat diamond earring I found is beautiful.  Immediately after I finished the cleaning upstairs, I contacted the woman who lived in the house before us.  She told me it was not hers, that she would definitely remember losing a diamond earring.  She and her husband lived in this house more than 20 years.  So I guess this diamond earring was lost over 20 years ago and has been hiding, tucked away under the heating vent, for many years.  Researching the history of the house, I found that the only other woman who has lived in this house died over 5 years ago.

Right now I am happily sitting at my desk in my clean upstairs office, watching the snow fall from the window behind my desk.  My foot is elevated because it is sore at me for working so hard the past two days, but I am happy.  Happy because I did a great job of cleaning and my hard work did unexpectedly pay off.

Grandma taught me to always do my best no matter what I am doing.  She taught me to scrub floors on my hands and knees because that is the best way to make certain the floor is really clean.  She also told me that even if no human sees your efforts, God does; so you should always do your best at everything you do.  Thank you, Grandma, for teaching me to do everything to the best of my ability!

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms and always do your best. You never know when doing your best will pay off!

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My Grandpa taught me a valuable lesson when I was about ten (10) years old. I had done a job for him and it wasn’t the way he had instructed me to do it. When he asked me why it wasn’t done the way he had told me, I said that I didn’t have time. To that he said: “You will have time to do it over again.” The lesson I learned from that was that anything doing is worth doing it right. I have tried to follow that path since that experience as a ten (10) year old.


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