When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

Wishing You a Beautiful Life

Encouraging you to have a beautiful life on near a river.

You can have a beautiful life regardless of your past!

My best friend Wendy and I walked early this morning as usual.  She told me all about how she spent her day yesterday.  She helped with the children at a conference in a craft class, making a tin punch.  Wendy told me how to make a tin punch.  And she also told me how a tin punch is like life.

You can make a tin punch. And you can also make a beautiful life regardless of your past!

STEP ONE:   Place the tin panel on a flat surface and tape the pattern in place.

The tin panel is absolutely flat and smooth when you perform step one.

When your life begins, it is fresh.  You have done nothing wrong.  You have not hurt anyone or made any mistakes yet.

STEP TWO:  Set a piece of wood under the tin sheet at the point where you will begin punching the pattern.

The tin panel is still flat.  And it is being prepared to become a beautiful tin punch.

As you grow up, your parents and others adults prepare you for life.  They teach you how to act and how to treat others.

STEP THREE: Place the tip of a nail or awl on each dot and strike the head with the hammer, driving the nail through the metal.

This step begins the project of actually making the tin punch.

As you live your life, you make patterns.  How you treat friends and family, how you interact with others, how you live.  You are human and make mistakes.  Like everyone else, you commit sin. Your clean, smooth piece of tin is no longer clean and smooth.

STEP FOUR:  Repeat for all the dots on the pattern. If you make a mistake, try to blend it into you picture.

This step completes the actual tin punch.

Every day and every moment you are creating a pattern for your life.  And, even though you make mistakes, your life can still turn out beautiful.  Just “blend” your wrongdoings into your life by making amends with others.

And if you make amends, you can end up with a  beautiful life picture.


Although you have made mistakes like every human being, you can still end up with a “beautiful life picture”.  You just need to ask forgiveness and make amends with those you have wronged.

To make a beautiful picture throughout your life, you also need to live deliberately and treat others the way you want to be treated.  You need to help others when you can and do your best every time you do anything.

Always remember two important things:

  • You should not compare your life picture to anyone else’s.
  • You are unique and special, even when you punch incorrect holes in your life picture.

We do not know when our time on Earth will be up.  I could die today.  And if I do, I know I know I have made a beautiful life picture!

My wish for everyone is that everyone ends up with a beautiful life picture.

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms and have a beautiful life.

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