When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

After the Honeymoon…

The honeymoon is over.  Now what?

Encouraging you to cope with the end of the honeymoon on Near a River.
Encouragement to keep your relationship alive after the honeymoon on Near a River.

The biggest obstacle to any relationship is the something that few people see coming:  the end of the honeymoon time. The initial magic fades, the excitement you felt when your mate entered the room is no longer there, and you begin to see your mate’s flaws instead of the positive traits.

This has happened to my husband and me a few months ago.  He did something that hurt me very badly, something I have never and will never do to him—not even in revenge.

I could never have imagined this happening, but I guess it is unavoidable.  At first I thought it was the beginning of the end of our relationship.  Fortunately, though, while he was out of town I had time to consider what had happened.

His betrayal has caused me to lose trust in him, and because of this I initially felt as though I loved him less than before.

Finally, though, with my husband’s permission, I talked with a friend (who never repeats anything I tell her) about this.  She told me a story about a marriage that lasted over 40 years even though it started out roughly.  She ended her story with this poem:

To every problem under the sun,

There is a solution or there is none.

If there is one,

Search it until you find it.

If there is none,

Never mind it.

She also concluded our discussion with this statement, “At the end of the honeymoon time, you notice all the things you do not like in your mate.  But if you want your relationship to last, you must keep looking for the good in your mate instead.”

Hopefully my friend is right about the end of the Honeymoon time.  Her husband has treated her in the past like mine has treated me recently and she understands how I feel.  But she has been married for many years and knows how to make a relationship work. If I look for the good in my husband like I did before he betrayed me and if he were to work to earn my trust back, we could make it until death parts us.

My husband read this and gave me permission to publish it. He has earned back my trust.

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms.  Look for the good in your mate when your honeymoon ends so you can stay together.

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