When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

Get Ready for a Storm!

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When I was a child, a bad storm caused our town to be evacuated and we were unprepared…

Are you prepared for a storm?  Too many people are not!

I have a bad memory of a childhood storm.  Once when I was a small child, a storm came through my hometown and we were ordered to evacuate.  The storm caught us off guard and unprepared. It was a terrifying experience I am unable to forget!

Here are some ways you get ready for a storm.

  • Practice your emergency escape plans.

Every family must have and practice an emergency escape plan.  Each person in the household needs to know where to go and what to do, who to call.

We did not know what to do because our Mother had not created an emergency escape plan.

You should also plan for a stay at a shelter, if you think that may happen.  Prepare your children for how life might be during a short stay at a shelter.

  • Keep emergency supplies on hand.

If you live in a “storm zone”, you should always have emergency supplies on hand! Keep an “evacuation bag” packed at all times so you can just grab it and run to safety.

Your “evacuation bag” needs to contain basic personal care items for each family member, some food items, flashlights, and any medications (such as asthma inhalers or epipens ) that your family might need.

  • Check your insurance coverage.

Check your insurance coverage.  Make sure it is adequate to cover the cost of replacing your home and all of your family’s belongings, even if having adequate coverage increases the cost of your insurance!

  • Keep important documents in a safe place.

Keep copies of important documents in a safe place, like a bank’s safe deposit box  or a friend’s home. You should save copies of all birth certificates, property ownership documents, shot records and other important medical records, and social security cards.

Taking good care of your important documents helps prevent identity theft.  You should store any important documents you cannot take with you in a hidden safe in your home, if you can.  Do not take paper copies of important documents to a shelter, where you will be sharing space with strangers.

Identity theft is very common after a disaster like a hurricane.  If you are not in your home and did not have time to put your important papers into a waterproof safe, you might consider setting up an account with a company like ID Shield, to protect yourself from identity theft.  Having your identity stolen in the aftermath of a storm would make the situation far more difficult to cope with!

  • Inspect your house.

Have a contractor  or home inspector inspect your home to make certain that there is no damage a storm might make worse.  Loose shingles, damaged roofs or windows, and loose siding are such potential issues.

  • Prepare your electronics!

When I was a child, we did not have electronics.  But now everyone has electronic devices.  Back them up!  Back them up to online servers and keep your passwords for your back up accounts in your evacuation bags.

Also keep a list of all passwords you use for various accounts with you in your evacuation bag. “Encrypt”  written passwords by leaving out one letter to keep prying eyes from using your accounts.

If I lived in a storm zone, I would have a waterproof cell phone or a waterproof cell phone case.

  • Do not drive through water!

Even low levels of water can make a road impassable and cause life-threatening dangers for a vehicle’s occupants!


Property can be replaced, but you and your loved ones are irreplaceable.  You must be prepared to evacuate.  Being prepared to evacuate makes it easier to cope with a storm!  It gives you some peace of mind and the feeling that you have some control over the situation.

Being prepared for a storm should be part of your normal life if you live in a storm zone!

If you can think of anything else someone should do to prepare for a storm, please share it as a comment below!  And please share it with anyone who might benefit from it!

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms.  Always be prepared for a storm!

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One comment on “Get Ready for a Storm!

Thanks so much for writing this article, BJ! I have several family members living in Florida and feel concerned about them. I’ll share your tips wtih them and keep them in my prayers.


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