When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Author Unknown

A Love Story

your own love story

Begin and end each day with kindness. Before long you will probably write your own love story!

“I love you more than you love me”, she says in the morning when she first opens her eyes as they snuggle together in bed. “No, you have it wrong again! Why do you always get this backward?” he laughingly replies.

This is how every day begins now, in the present time.  But it was not always this way.


She was alone and lonely and so was he.  But they were living hundreds of miles apart and probably would never find each other.

She was a mobile computer technician, working for herself.  He was a self-employed computer programmer.  Both had kind hearts and loved helping others.  They both loved animals and travelling.  They had much in common.

Both had started online dating profiles several years before.  But neither one of them trusted the other sex enough to make a connection due to past relationships that turned out badly–until they found each other online.  First, they communicated through email.  Then, they spoke on the phone for many months.

When she had a nasty umbilical hernia and had to stay in bed for a while, he was kind and helpful to her–as much as he could be from a distance.  Her hernia was resolved surgically and life moved on.  A few months later, he called her.  During an ultrasound of his liver, tumors were found in his pancreas.  He sounded very sad in that phone call on a cold January day.

“I do not want to have surgery,” he said haltingly, as if he was crying.  “I would rather just let it go until I die.”  He went on to explain the reasons.  One reason was his business.  He was a sole practitioner, a computer programmer who worked alone.  If his clients found out that he had pancreatic tumors or cancer, he would lose his business.

She thought fast.  She wanted to give this kind man a reason to live. “What if I come to your home, learn how to do your programming, and do your work for you while you are recovering from your surgery?  Then would you have the surgery?”

He loved the idea of having a woman in his life again and said he would think about this.

Two months later he sent his pilot friend to pick her up and bring her to his home.  She gave up her own business to learn his.  It took two months, but she finally learned how to do his work well enough to submit his work in his name while he was recovering from surgery.

During the surgery, the hospital allowed her to stay in his room with the computer.  She massaged him when he was in pain and did his work for him.  His clients never suspected that someone else was doing his work for him, that he was in the hospital recovering from major surgery.

The rest of this love story is history.  They are now married happily and spend most of every day together.

This love story starts and ends with kindness.  And the kind things these two do for each other have resulted in a continual argument, who loves who more. Kindness has also created their peaceful, loving home.


I know the people in this love story very well.  They are my husband and myself.  We live every day of our lives being kind to each other and other people.  We have a common purpose:  to be kind to as many people as possible each day. We always put each other and other people first.  We are best friends. And we are happy together.

Would you like to write a love story like this?  Show others you care about them through acts of kindness.  Put others first.  Then let life take its natural course.

Kindness is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  So is love. Both kindness and love can change your life as well as your world!

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms. Let each day begin and end with kindness and before long, you will probably write your own love story!

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