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How I Am Losing Weight!

lose weight

I have found a strategy to lose weight that is working!

Ten weeks ago, a surgeon amputated part of my left foot.  I am over 50 years old and could not walk the 10 miles a day that I prefer to walk for a while.  So I gained a few pounds.  Diabetes runs in my family so it is very important that I maintain my weight!

I have found a strategy that is helping me to lose my extra pounds.  You should consult your doctor before using any weight loss strategy.  My method of losing 3 pounds in a week and not feeling hungry may not work for you.  But I write to help others and need to share it with you in case it might help you.

I have been doing six things to lose weight.

Fast 14 hours a day.  

I fast 14 hours a day.  I only eat for a 10-hour time period during the day, between 9 am and 7 pm.  This works because my body burns its fat stores during the 14 hours I do not eat each day.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night!

This is a hard one for me.  I like to stay up late and read and write and play piano, but I also like to get up early and walk.  I have been forcing myself to go to bed by 10 pm to make certain I sleep at least 7 hours.

Sleeping more helps me refrain from snacking on unhealthy foods.  When I sleep more, I have better impulse control. Read this article to learn more about the importance of sleep when losing weight.

Drink lots of water.

Read this article if you do not believe that drinking lots of water will help you lose weight.  It really does!

Since I started my weight loss plan, I drink only water before 9 am.  This lessens my hunger and helps my brain to start functioning… http://www.nearariver.com/improve-focus-memory-near-river-bj-rae-eagle/

Start each day by walking at least an hour.  

Every morning at 6:30 am, I am walking.  I walk at a fast pace with my good friend Wendy.  Walking first thing in the morning jumpstarts my metabolism.

Eat one cup of cantaloupe each day!

Cantaloupe has many health benefits.  Click here to read about them.

The health benefit I like best is that 1 cup only has 54 calories. I also like the fact that it can reduce my risk for the diabetes that runs in my family because it has many essential nutrients and enzymes.  It also can reduce my risk of breast cancer, which is also genetic in my family, and some other cancers.  It is 95% water, which is very good for me.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies!

I have a garden that has lots of fresh blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, and basil.  And when I am hungry, I pick fresh veggies and fruits from my garden, bring them into the house, and cook them in a healthy recipe or eat them raw.  This may be part of the reason I am losing weight rapidly!  Read here to understand why my diet is enabling me to lose weight rapidly.

Even if you do not have a garden, you can buy fresh fruits and veggies at the store.  They are full of nutrients and do not have many calories!  Eat them to lose weight and improve your healthy.


I have been following this weight loss plan for 10 days and have already lost 3.5 pounds. I will let you know how much weight I have lost one month from now.  Hopefully, I will lose all of the weight I need to lose, about 10 pounds.  I am determined to not get diabetes like many people in my family do and to remain healthy in spite of my age!

I do not take supplements for weight loss since research has not proven supplements are effective.  Supplements can also be dangerous!

Parents, please set a good example for your children and grandchildren.  Maintain a healthy weight and maintain your health.  Your children and grandchildren are more likely to do these things if they see you doing them.  Tell them what you are doing and why, even if you feel they may not be old enough to understand what you are telling them!

If everyone maintained his or her weight and health, the health care crisis would not be as bad as it is!  So please maintain your weight and your health!  Improving your health is one way to improve your country!

It is 9:15 am.  I have already walked four miles and written this article to help others.  Now I will go downstairs and have a healthy breakfast, starting with 1 cup of cantaloupe!

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms.  Lose your extra pounds and prevent health issues instead of treating them!

Read this if you are having trouble sleeping.

Yes, the impossible is possible. Read about this here.

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You can survive the hard times in your life.  Click here for motivation to do so.

If you enjoyed this post, remember that BJ writes for children and her book Near a River is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

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3 comments on “How I Am Losing Weight!

Linda Taylor

Glad you found something that works for you, and that you are able to get back to walking again.


Excellent article, BJ! Thanks for sharing your insights.


Thanks for sharing all this. I wish you 100% success in your weight losing Journey


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