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Lose Weight Not Your Life

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Do not take these supplements to lose weight.

While resting yesterday, I watched a news television show that prompted me to write this article.  I had to let the world know what I just learned.

­­­­The show questioned the safety of Green Tea diet supplements.

It described an investigation into the safety of these supplements.  A 17 year-old girl had bought Green Tea Triple Fat Burner to fit into her prom dress. She started taking it and became ill.  Her enzymes were elevated severely and she had hepatitis symptoms.  She spent eleven days in the hospital. Another pharmacist in Canada named Lisa needed an immediate liver transplant after taking Green Tea extract supplements. A third woman, a mother of three, also developed severe liver necrosis after taking these supplements.  She was so sick by the time of her transplant surgery that she died after her second transplant operation.  Her three children and her doctors believe that her death is caused by the Green Tea extract supplement she bought over the counter.

Anyone can buy these supplements, even a child under the age of eighteen.  When these supplements are purchased, no one points out the warning on the package.  And they can be dangerous.

The number of cases of liver damage caused by green tea extract supplement usage is on the rise. 

The Canadian Liver Foundation Director says that the risk of liver necrosis as a result of Green Tea extract supplement usage is low, only about 1 in 100,000.  But he also cautions that it is impossible to predict who the one person will be.

I hope none of my readers become the 1 in 100,000.

If you need to lose weight, find some will power.  Or you might try a weight loss strategy a friend of mine told me about.  She said a way to lose over a pound in one day is to eat just fresh fruit and 1 cup of whole grain rice all day.  She does not recommend doing this more than one day a week for nutritional reasons.

However you try to lose weight, I wish you well in your efforts.  I hope you succeed and remain healthy.

Soar like an eagle over life’s storms.  May you always remain healthy and avoid potentially harmful supplements.

Keep trying.  You will succeed!

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One comment on “Lose Weight Not Your Life

Linda Taylor

WOW, I am so glad you shared that! It is really scary the things that can be bought over the counter without the proper warnings or testing for that matter.


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